mental health

More about Jaymee! Quirks, strengths and anxiety struggles

I’m learning that it’s ok to just be myself in day to day life and in my business. We all have our own quirks, strengths and struggles. I have realised that so many people can relate to parts of my story. It has made me want to be honest and connect with my audience beyond sharing pretty photos. I hope this post inspires you to not be afraid of showing your colours.



  • I can't leave the house until the bed is made.

  • It takes me about half an hour to water all of my house plants.

  • My favourite food is Thai (Thai Country Cafe in Tawa is the best). I could eat Roti and satay every day.

  • In my mid teens I went to a performing arts school where I was training as a dancer. This is also where my spark for photography began as it was one of my classes.

  • I like to sit down in the shower, it's even better when I have my morning coffee with me (or a glass of wine in the evening). Super weird I know, but you should try it.


Couples and families will usually recommend me to others because of how I interact with people and how I am able to make people feel comfortable. I know how awkward it can feel having a camera pointing at you, when someone tries to take my photo I freeze up and my face starts to do weird things. Who relates? I make it my goal to help people relax by reassuring them and offering some direction.


Karl and I met through working together at a place called Rubber Monkey. We were friends for some time before we finally figured out (or admitted) that we have an awesome connection and have lots in common, it’s scary how often we are thinking the exact same thing. We are two individuals who love spending time with each other. Not to mention he makes me feel all kinds of pretty, even when I’m in my daggy clothes.

He’s also going to start shooting wedding videos with me so we can be your ultimate dream team.

karl and jaymee.jpg


I’m a home body. If I’m not busy you’ll definitely find me at home either curled up in bed watching RuPaul’s Drag Race or in my living room working on a puzzle and listening to a podcast.


I grew up in Taranaki on a dairy and beef farm. I love going home to see my family and our pets (I’m obsessed with our cat Tittens, picture below). It’s my most favourite place in the whole world. I’m not big on travelling, I would choose a trip to the farm over a trip overseas any day. Pass me my gumboots and let’s go!

I have a brother who is 15 years younger and a sister who is 5 years younger than I am. Ryan and I are the type of crazy kids who dance around the house half naked. Taylar is the cool middle child who does her own thing and always makes good choices, she is also a bit of a babe and was blessed with blonde hair.



I am a huge advocate for self care and self love, this is because of my own struggles with learning how to manage anxiety. Growing up in my early twenties I was so scared of showing weakness. I acted overly confident, but really I was filled with fear. For so many years I was ashamed of having anxiety because I thought that ‘normal’ people shouldn’t feel that way.

The stigma around mental health is changing. Standing up and saying hey this is who I am, doesn’t make you any less professional or worthy.

Christmas 2018 I took two weeks off. During this time I started long term medication to manage my anxiety better. I had put it off for about 5 years because I had heard so many horror stories about the nasty side effects and I viewed medication as the last resort.

After doing lots of research and talking it through with my friends, family and Karl, I decided to give it a go because I was ready to change and tired of living half a life. The first two weeks SUCKED, like really really sucked. The only thing that distracted me from feeling sick was working on a puzzle that I found in the garage. We spent hours chipping away at it. It was such a hard puzzle! Sometimes we would only find a few pieces but we were determined to finish it and we did! By the time we finished it my side effects were much better and I was already feeling the benefits.

I’m so grateful I managed to get through that short period of discomfort because trying a recommended medication has been a life changer for me. It’s not for everyone, I know how scary it can seem but overall my experience has been really positive. I’ve been obsessed with puzzles ever since!! I compare it to meditating, it’s my ultimate self care activity