Family photos styling guide and outfit tips

Booking a family photo shoot can be an important milestone for your growing family. It’s an important event and I understand why you would want it to be perfect because it’s not often you get professional photos taken, as much as we love selfies!

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Planning what your family is going to wear is going to add an element of styling to your photos. To form a cohesive look start with your location. Where will you have your family photo shoot? What kind of vibe are you wanting - do you want the environment to be outdoors, or do you prefer an in-home session?

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Next think about what will the colours be in the background, from here you can start to think about clothing and how these will blend or contrast with the background. The colours might be seasonal but most importantly, try to pick colours from the same pallet or similar in tones (bright vs. earthy).

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Mums you might find it easier to start with your outfits first! I know how hard it can be to find clothes or an outfit that you love. You want to feel confident and beautiful for this shoot. You can then style your children’s and partner’s outfit around what you’re going to wear. It sounds a lil selfish but you also deserve this moment to shine!

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Add in some extra textures so it doesn’t become too matched and don’t be afraid of an extra pop of colour. Avoid big and bold patterns (like floral tees), the reason being you don’t want your clothing to distract your attention away from your expressions.

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No matter what style you pick, go for a look that suits your family. If your vibe is more relaxed and comfortable then keep it authentic.