Planning your wedding - How to choose the right wedding photographer

Researching wedding vendors can be a lengthy process. It can also start to feel overwhelming when it comes to making your final decisions. When picking the right photographer for your wedding day there are a number of things you can consider. I’ve put together some key points that will hopefully help make this choice easier!


Think about the kind of photos you want and ask photographers what their style is. There are different approaches when it comes to taking photos. Traditional or formal photos are often planned or posed by the photographer. They can also be ‘looking at the camera’ images. This approach is usually used for family photos and group shots.

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How to choose the right wedding photographer
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A documentary approach is used for capturing candid moments as they happen naturally. This is when there is little to no engagement with the camera. This can capture emotion and real moments throughout the day.

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For some couples it’s mostly about capturing the memories, for others there can be a stronger appreciation for photography as an art form. Look through examples of work and pick a style that captures your eye. It could be the colours, the creativity or composition of an image. Every photographer will have a different style, look for something that speaks to you.


Turning down clients because I’m already booked on their day isn’t a great feeling. Once you have secured your date with a venue, start looking for your photographer. Or even better, get the conversation going before you finalise your date. It can be worth enquiring 12 - 18 months before.

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Check out a number of websites and social media accounts. When you see a style that connects with you, start to look deeper into who that photographer is. Their website should be easy to understand and tell you further information on the services they are offering. Testimonials and Google reviews are a good way of checking feedback.

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Next get in contact and get a gage on their personality. See how they interact and respond to your emails, when I respond to emails I do my best to stay authentic, I talk to people because want to get to know more about them (which is genuinely true, not because I only want to sell them my product). Do they make you feel comfortable and have they listened to you?


I like to meet couples for a coffee (or wine) before they book. This makes it easier for people to see who I really am and gain extra trust. You want to make sure your photographer is a match for your vibe.

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I’ve saved the hardest one for last. Budget will be something you need to consider. Getting married isn’t cheap, but shopping around for the cheapest deal might leave you disappointed with the results. It comes down to one simple question - is photography something that is important to you and do you want awesome wedding photos? Anyone reading this will probably answer YES. It will be an investment if you want a photographer with higher skills and experience.

The price tag isn’t how many hours your photographer is with you for on the day. A photographer needs to consider their travel costs, paying their assistant, the 6 (or more) hours it takes to edit a wedding and then have enough for their bills and costs of living at the end of it (lets not forget that hefty student loan).

If you find a photographer who is perfect for you but you can’t justify the price you could continue looking for someone who has a similar style, or ask that photographer if they have payment plans available. We are all human and the chances are they will want to make it work for you!

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It’s a long conversation! Start talking it through with your partner and reach out to a few different photographers. See who sparks the best interest and connection with you from the get go. Better yet, get in touch, I’d love to answer any questions you may have.