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Planning your Wedding - Hair tips with Dollhouse 'Do

I often hear brides say “I don’t know where to start” when it comes to planning their wedding. There are so many articles online telling you what not to do and how you should have your wedding day, it can be overwhelming. Talking with your vendors can be really helpful. We are here to help with the planning process and then turn your ideas into a reality.

I caught up with Natasha from Dollhouse ‘Do to get some of her best tips when it comes to hair styling. Not only is she so much fun to be around, but her hair designs are amazing and I recommend her to all brides!

What are some of your favourite hair styles and what have been the biggest trends so far for 2019? 

A lot of people are wanting that soft-romantic-whimsical-undone look. That, or Hollywood Glamour waves. There are two photos that 80% of brides send me, no lie. My biggest advice is to keep scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram. There are many photos past those first two! Braids are really popular too, especially for bridesmaids. 


Hair up or hair down? This one can have an impact on photos, I love natural curls left down but in Wellington we are always up against the wind. What are some key aspects that brides should consider when choosing a style? 

Picking your hairstyle comes down to 5 components:
-Venue (indoor/outdoor/weather)
-Dress (high neck/ strapless/heavily detailed/simple?)
-Theme (so many to choose from)
-Hair type (thick/thin/long/short/coloured)
-Face shape (Do you want strands framing your face/ears covered?) 

When looking on the internet for inspo, look for photos of models that have similar condition/quality hair to you. If you want big Hollywood glamour curls, and you have short/thin hair, you will be disappointed. But there are so many other great styles for that hair type!

I sometimes have brides who want the soft "wispy" bits at the front around their face, but they haven't had them cut prior to the wedding day, so then the long strands at the front come across very 90's. I have often been handed blunt kitchen scissors on the day to cut those bits in. Just be prepared so we don't have to do anything crazy!


Why are hair trials a must?

I need to make sure that that picture that you sent to me for inspo of Reece Weatherspoon on the red carpet is going to be able to happen. We don't want heartbreak on the day when we find out your hair won't hold in that style. I need to make sure you are feeling confident and beautiful with out worrying about your hair on the day.

It's also for timing. During your trial we determine how much time you need on the day, we will then have accurate timelines for the day and everything will run to schedule. If you have your hair down, it's good to get a gauge to see how long the curls lasted/when they dropped. We can always use different methods and products to achieve different holds, so if they fell out quickly we can change our technique to make sure that doesn't happen on the day.

It's also to make sure I am comfortable with your chosen style. I imagine it would be very stressful if I had never seen your hair before and had to make it pretty on the biggest day of your life. Trials are a must, trust me!


Do you have any hair care tips for brides leading up to their wedding day? In particular, the day before?

Make sure you have "day old hair'“ (that it hasn't been washed freshly on the day). If your hair is too clean it will not hold as well, and we need your hair to survive for 12 hours and through a lot of dancing.

If you wan't "wispy bits" to complete your soft style, make sure you get them cut before the day.

Wear a robe or a button up on the day, would hate for you to accidentally mess your hair up when taking off your t-shirt.

One last tip, it’s a good idea to have your hair dry and brushed before I arrive, you don't want timelines thrown off because we have to dry hair or brush out a birds-nest. 

One piece of final advice you give to your brides?

Your wedding day can feel like a circus, just remember that you are in complete control of everything and you are the one who gets the make the final decisions, so don’t be afraid to speak up. You are the Ring Master and we are there to help you make sure you put on an excellent show!