Autumn leaves

Outdoor Wedding at Aston Norwood Gardens - Roy and Bilyana

I love the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn. The trees change colour and the light gets softer sooner in the day. The perfect backdrop for a wedding. 

Roy and Bilyana got married underneath the trees at Aston Norwood Gardens in Upper Hutt. I came along to photograph the ceremony and to help my friend Signy out with the photography as she was also a part of the bridal party. The grounds were so beautiful and the light was just stunning. I loved being a part of their wedding day! 

Guests laughing at wedding ceremony
Candid images of guests at wedding ceremony
Bride walking down the isle to her groom
Father walking bride down the isle
Groom shaking father's hand
Groom smiling at his bride
Groom putting ring on Bride's finger
Bride looking at Groom
Bride laughing and smiling
Bride and Groom walking down the isle with their newborn baby
Aston Norwood Garden wedding venue
Autumn leaves and sunset
Bride holding bouquet 
Bride and Bridesmaids laughing
Beautiful sunset landscape in Wellington, New Zealand
Newly weds standing on bridge
Bride and Groom kissing on stone bridge at Aston Norwood Gardens