Planning your Zero Waste and Eco-friendly Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding you will start to see how much goes into one event. There will likely be a lot of people to invite and potential waste. Your decisions can have a huge impact on the environment. I’ve put together some ideas for how you can spread the love and have an eco wedding! Making some small changes doesn’t mean you need to compromise how you celebrate, if anything you are adding so much more value to your day.


If you’re looking for a wedding venue that reduces its waste and gives back to the community reach out to your local venues to see what your options are. Do they that align with your ideas; do they use sustainable products and local produce?

Get married in your back yard! Having an outdoor ceremony is one way to save on energy and decorations. If you can have your ceremony and reception at the same location this will also mean your guests wont need to travel from one event to the next which will mean less transport costs.

Eco friendly wedding ceremony
Wairarapa wedding venue


Don’t get me wrong, I adore wedding stationary but going paperless is becoming more popular. Check out Paperless Wedding, their service allows couples to pick from a variety of themes to create online invitations. Once you click send guests receive their invites straight to their email inbox which is much faster and can click to RSVP.


Your guests will want to gift you with a present to say congratulations! Think about all of the packaging that will go to waste if every person was to bring a gift. Look into an online gift registry like Honeypot, pick items that you would like to receive for your honeymoon or newly wed life and guests can choose the value they want to gift.

This also means you don’t receive the same item twice which happens more often than you think! I know this option would suit my partner and I as we are very specific about what items we want in our household and we don’t like the idea of receiving items that we don’t have a need for.


Talk to your florist about where they source their flowers and what flowers will be in season. Being a proud plant Mum to many indoor plants, I appreciate that sometimes insect control is needed to keep your plants alive. I use organic sprays and home remedies. Find out how long it takes for the flowers to reach your florist after they are cut, this insures they are fresh and uses less electricity as they are often kept in refrigeration.

Look into alternative solutions for flowers. Dried florals are a huge trend right now, check out Wellington florist Floriade. Dried arrangements and bouquets are timeless and at the end of your wedding you won’t need to dispose of them. Indoor plants are another alternative to using flower arrangements.

wedding flowers.jpg


Look for local businesses who use locally grown organic produce and focus on seasonal food. Find out what sustainable initiatives they have in place, how do they reduce waste etc. Good Chemistry Catering Wellington pride themselves on offering good food using sustainable ingredients while tailoring to your needs. It’s making me hungry thinking of all the yummy options out there, so many companies are jumping on board with this.

Wellington catering
Wedding catering


Avoid single use items by only sourcing items that you can reuse again, this includes decorations. Hiring or borrowing decorations is a great way to save on money and ensure the items aren’t wasted after single use. Look for alternative materials like up-cycled fabrics, avoid plastics. Candles and solar lanterns are a great option for saving on electricity and creating atmosphere.

Look for minimalist and D.I.Y inspiration, Pinterest is the best place for this!


Looking for a sustainable wedding dress doesn’t mean you need to wear your Mums wedding dress, although this could work if it was altered to suit a modern style. Look into local designers or ethical brands that are part of the sustainable fashion movement. Find out how the fabrics are made. Groomsmen and Bridemaids have the option to wear their outfits again, so focus on finding a look that they will likely rewear.

Mens wedding atire
Bridesmaid wedding dress