Planning your Wedding - Preparing for your family photos

When it comes to family photos I understand how tedious this part of the day can feel for the Bride and Groom, as well as their guests. If you have a big family and a short period of time to do these photos it can become overwhelming. Here are a few tips that always work really well for my couples.

family photographer
family photos at St Mary of the Angels


Make a list of the different groups you want photographed, including which members of the family are involved (it can be a good idea to write individual names so we don’t miss anybody). Reading from a list will be much faster and easier than winging it on the day.

Think about the order in which you do the groups. It can be a good idea to take photos with grandparents first so they can then relax.

family photos-6.jpg


If you have an MC (or any family member) ask if they can help by gathering people from your list and keeping them near so when their name is called they can be ready.


Family photos can take longer than expected, sometimes 5 minutes per group. Taking the photograph is really quick, but finding guests and getting everyone into place is where time slips away on us.

family photograph


If you have younger children involved with your family photos I think the biggest piece of advice is to just go with the flow. They may not want to do it, I have a few tricks up my sleeve but sometimes it’s a matter of waiting for a different moment to get photos with them.