photography couple

Berhampore 2017

2017 brings so many new chapters for me. One major change has been moving back to Berhampore! I'm currently living with 3 other photographers, one being my partner Tom and the other two people are Sam and Leroy, another couple who we met through The Photo School and mutual friends. It's pretty cool living with other creative people. We always have others to bounce ideas off and Leroy is always good for the technical stuff that we tend to lack knowledge in! 

We have a massive field right outside our house and the other night 3 of us got a camera out and took ridiculous photos of each other pulling faces and kicking a rugby ball. I guess not all turned out ridiculous, like this photo of Sam is pretty amazing with the colour of her hair!!


But then there is ridiculous. When you're mid photo shoot and your'e just like "Tom catch me".