Planning your wedding

Preparing for your wedding proposal photo shoot

Planning a wedding proposal is a mix of excitement and nerves! You’re asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you, so you want to ensure this moment special for the both of you!

If you want the proposal photographed there are two ways this can happen. The traditional approach is to plan with a photographer where and when you plan to get down on one knee, your photographer should be somewhere hiding near by ready to snap the action. The way of photographing a proposal which I prefer is to have a planned shoot where your partner knows a photographer will be joining you. This approach means you end up with better photos because your photographer has more control over the scene and your movements. It involves a little more planning and some strategic communication but heres how you can make that happen!

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Your partner might start get suspicious so come up with a back story as to why you have booked a photo shoot. You could explain to your partner that you won a couples shoot through a competition you entered, or a work give away. Your photographer could be ‘an old friend’ who is looking to build her portfolio. You could ask a friend to help out, perhaps they won the couples shoot but they can’t go ahead. Suggest a photo shoot for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, but really its much more than that. Keep it simple and make it more about the act of doing something fun together. It might be completely out of the ordinary for your relationship but the chances are your partner will definitely be into it! Let your photographer know what your story is.

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Pick a location that you know your partner will love. If you are shy and nervous about other people watching, find somewhere that is quiet so the moment can be more intimate. Your photographer will be able to suggest a good spot and the best time of day. Visit the location a week or a few days before hand to make sure it feels right.

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Don’t stress too much, your partner will sense you are acting strange. Before the shoot, ask your photographer for a queue which indicates a good time for proposal. Your photographer will be looking at what the light is doing and framing the image with the background while keeping an eye on what you are doing, so it’s important they are ready for this moment.

I’ll usually spend 20-30 minutes with couples ‘warming up’ to the actual proposal. This is a chance to set the scene and get used to the camera.

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When it comes to getting down on one knee, try and stay there for as long as it feels comfortable. This will give your photographer more opportunities to get the key shot. Have some words prepared and tell your partner how much they mean to you!

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Plan the whole day and make it special. You could book dinner reservation for afterwards. You’ll both want to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter together!


You will be so excited to see your new photos! Ask your photographer for one or two preview images so you can announce your engagement to friends and family.

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