I love capturing the connections we have with others. I’m all about people - whether it’s your wedding day, elopement or family photos. Couples and families will often recommend me to others because of my relaxed approach and how I am able to help people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I'm currently located in Wellington but you'll often see me hanging out in Taranaki and other parts of NZ. If you're getting married out of Wellington, no problem, I can travel to you.

Have a read through of my Q&A to find out more about whats on offer.



Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I grew up in Taranaki on a dairy and beef farm. I love going home to see my family and our pets (I’m obsessed with our cat Tittens, picture below). It’s my most favourite place in the whole world. I’m not big on travelling, I would choose a trip to the farm over a trip overseas any day. Pass me my gumboots and let’s go!

I was introduced to photography when I was 15, I used a film camera and developed my own prints in a darkroom. I loved this hands on process which is quite different to our digital world. 

If I’m not busy you’ll definitely find me at home either curled up in bed watching RuPaul’s Drag Race or in my living room working on a puzzle and listening to a podcast.


  • I can't leave the house until the bed is made.

  • It takes me about half an hour to water all of my house plants.

  • My favourite food is Thai (Thai Country Cafe in Tawa is the best). I could eat Roti and satay every day.

  • In my mid teens I went to a performing arts school where I was training as a dancer. This is also where my spark for photography began as it was one of my classes.

  • I like to sit down in the shower, it's even better when I have my morning coffee with me (or a glass of wine in the evening). Super weird I know, but you should try it.




This guy makes me feel like I’m home, like nothing is missing even during those times when life gives you lemons. We are two unique individuals who love spending time with each other. Not to mention he makes me feel all kinds of pretty, even in my daggy clothes.


I love supporting local artists. Handmade pottery is something I can use and appreciate daily. I used to like matching kitchenware, now I look for different textures and colours. I’m over here drinking lots of coffee because I have too many mugs to choose from.


When I say her name my heart goes ‘ehhhhhh’! One of our family rescue kittens, she was burnt in a fire and very lucky to survive. She loves cuddles and her humans. Next to gratitude in the dictionary it says - Tittens.


I have over 50 indoor house plants ranging from different types of cacti, calatheas, hoyas, monsteras, peperomias, you name it! I follow plant forums and can browse the gardening section on Trademe for hours. #plantnerd. They make our home look great and keep me calm.



“Jaymee shot our small family wedding at Tirohana Estate in Martinborough in April 2019. She was great to work with and took lovely shots that truly captured our day. We loved her more relaxed style that gives the images a more intimate feel and her use of the surrounding and light. We would highly recommend Jaymee for your next important event.” - Janice & Stuart

“Jaymee is a great photographer! We loved all of her work, she was awesome at capturing the important moments in our ceremony along with many action/ candid shots. Jaymee is super approachable and accommodating and her pictures come out great. Very creative with her work and ensures you like the pictures taken. I would highly recommend her as your next photographer!” - Tanisha

“Jaymee photographed our wedding in January and she was wonderful to deal with. We wanted relaxed, candid photographs with nothing too posed and Jaymee captured it all beautifully! We thought doing wedding photos might be a bit awkward because my husband and I are both shy and not showy but Jaymee made us feel relaxed and at ease without any pressure. She fit in perfectly to the whole vibe of our wedding and we would recommend to everyone!!” - Kristen & Glenn