Christmas 2013

It's funny how some things change. The presents are no longer my main attraction, spending Christmas with my family was all I could wish for.

However, having a 5 year old brother means Christmas is still an event. There was a real pine tree covered in decorations, candy canes that weren't to be eaten all at once, crackers with the usual prizes, a beer for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf placed on the table Christmas Eve. Christmas morning meant no chance of sleeping in, full stockings (I had to use a plastic bag with a written note "Dear Santa, Sorry I can't find my stocking. From Jaymee xx") and piles of gifts waiting to be opened "after breakfast" (a test of Ryan's patience). I think it's all these little things that count.

While I was home I took some photographs using my Lubitel2.  I can't believe how fast my brother is growing up.

It was also my second Christmas spent with Tom. I asked ryan to take this photo of us. It was interesting trying to explain to him the concept behind using a film camera as he has grown up around digital cameras. Somehow he got the image spot on!