When was the last time you updated your family photos?

I get so much joy out of building relationships with families. As I have grown in confidence and experience, I have come to realise the incredible value in making connections. For me, a shoot doesn’t end once I get paid and have delivered images. I’m always looking forward to seeing families and couples again, whether that is for a coffee date or to update their photos.

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I photographed Jane and Jake’s engagement shoot and wedding at the beginning of 2018, as well as their first family photos with their son Maxton. They recently updated their family photos as Maxton is now 2 and a half. Time goes so quickly and children grow up so fast! Maxton is the perfect age for new photos, you can see his personality and he enjoyed the adventure.

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My family photo sessions are very flexible and easy going, perfect if you have a toddler who is feeling reluctant to have photos taken. I understand how boring it can be for children being told to stand in a line and smile. I’ll always go with the flow and encourage play. It’s great when parents get involved with the fun and don’t mind if their clothes get a little dirty from rolling in the grass.

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Any time is a good time for family photos, you don’t have to wait for a big occasion like Christmas or a birthday. If you have children, you might want to have an updated session every 12 months, or after each major milestone so you can see your child’s development. If you are expecting a baby, this is also the perfect time to have a maternity session with your partner and family.

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