Self Empowerment and Stepping out of your Comfort Zone - Zsofi Portraits

When Zsofi contacted me a couple of months back I felt connected to her ideas straight away. I love meeting other women who live by similar beliefs as myself. I’m also a strong believer in feeling inspired by other woman and their courage. It feels great lifting one another up, in a world full of competition and comparison, let’s be stronger together.

I caught up with Zsofi again after our shoot to find out how she felt about the experience and what she learnt from it. I hope this resonates with my followers in some way or form. I’d love to inspire you to feel more confident when it comes to having your photo taken because the process can be more than just a pretty picture!

What made you interested in having a photo shoot with Jaymee?

I've been playing with the idea for a while. It came from me recently shifting my perspective from the external world to inward. I have recognised an ultimate power inside of myself and as a result stepped into my own authority, leading a life from this space - The Source.

I wanted a visual representation of this, something to cherish from an aesthetic point of view. I am also prepping to launch my own business soon, which will be based on woman empowerment and connecting back to this Source, through some mentorship, coaching and doula work. I needed nice pictures of me that I can use for my branding.

Wellington portrait photographer

Did it teach you anything?

OMG yes! As per my above thoughts, it is clear that my recent recognition of my self as a powerful Source and authority of my life is a deeply spiritual experience. It is also fairly new, which means that my life is not fully drenched in its juiciness yet. It's not yet dripping off my chin.

I need to connect the spiritual aspect of it to the physical, embodying ALL OF IT, ALL OF THE TIME. This photoshoot experience shone light to the gap. That even though I know this truth in my mind and heart, I need to bring it into my body.

During the photoshoot I was able to practice this. I was more uncomfortable at the start than I thought I would be, and this recognition was very humbling. Throughout the session I was able to practice what I potentially preach - embodiment of the true self. I have been practising radically ever since and want to make these photo sessions a regular occurrence.

Self love and acceptance photo shoot

What did you gain from this experience?

I gained a new perspective for embodied self-love. I gained a stronger connection to my body. I gained more access to my inner power and was reminded that it's crucial that we remain humble and always always open to the process to allow for growth to happen. I gained new appreciation for my visual appearance, and an ultimate acceptance of my own beauty.

Self empowerment and stepping out of your comfort zone
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