Helpful Tips - Planning your Bridal Shoot

The bridal shoot is one of my favourite parts of the day. Usually, we start off with the whole bridal party and then the three of us separate from the group for couple photos. This is a chance for you two to have a breather and say 'Yay we are married’! I recommend at least an hour for the bridal shoot - it seems like a long time but you won’t regret it I promise!


Talk to your photographer about the best time of day for photos and how to make this fit around everything else that will be happening on the day. The middle of the day is usually when the light is harsh, creating shadows and uneven skin tones, it isn’t the most flattering light for photos outside. Sunset is always my favourite time to photograph, this might not work with your schedule but we can always sneak out during your reception for these shots. 



Consider all of the different locations where you will have photos during the day. Think about where you are getting ready. Allow enough space to feel relaxed and comfortable. Spaces with clean walls and lots of light always look great.

When it comes to your bridal party and couple photos think about a place that looks inspiring and is special to you. Logistics may come into play here, but let’s try and make it happen.



If you’re working with a tight time frame, keep your travel distance in mind. Is travelling to a location across town going to feel stressful? If photos are a big priority for you allow some extra time and lets travel to an epic location.


If you’re not feeling confident in front of the camera, talk to your photographer. We are here to make it easy! I love natural shots and I try to keep my directions to a minimum but will offer suggestions to help you feel comfortable.

Laughing is the perfect way of getting past those nerves and it looks great. While you laugh and be in each others company I will be working my magic.



They say its good luck having rain on your wedding day, so don’t worry too much! It is one of those things we can’t control unfortunately, regardless your day will still be special. Transparent umbrellas are great for rainy days and photos.