Twin Portraits - Michael and Oliver March 2017

In my recent visit to see Michael and Oliver I could not believe how much these two boys had grown up since I saw them last! My last shoot with them was just before Christmas, take a look here. I love watching their personalities grow stronger and learning what unique traits they have. 

For this trip we hung out at their home and in the back yard, we also went to the rose gardens. It's so fun (and full on now that crawling isn't a problem and walking seems like a great idea) hanging out with these two and their mummy! Since it had been so long since my last visit they had no idea who I was so I seemed a little scary at first which made it more challenging to get their portraits this time round. Thankfully they warmed to me and my camera and these are the shots we got!

Blowing bubbles
Baby boy playing with bouncy ball

Can't wait to see these boys again soon!