The Marlborough Sounds

After 8 hours of travel and waiting Tom and I arrived at "The Slade Jetty" in Resolution Bay, The Marlborough Sounds. Our holiday had started!

Over the next 5 days I didn't have anywhere to be or anything to do, I was surrounded by great people and was in no shortage of food. We were away from civilisation. No electricity, no close neighbours and no cell phone reception. It was the perfect get away.

The weather was a little up and down. One minute it was raining, next it was windy and then the sun would come out but disappear again, the view was constantly changing.

It was nice to see everyone having such a wonderful time. There was always some kind of activity happening; a game of cards, a puzzle being assembled, fishing in the dinghy or off the jetty, something being repaired, wood being dragged from the forest for fire wood, meals being made, or simply relaxing.

I caught my first fish!! I never really understood what all the fuss was about until this day. It was addicting! There were so many sea creatures swimming close to the jetty, including this massive stingray. I didn't go for a swim.

Overall our holiday was such a neat experience! It was so simple yet so perfect and comforting.

While I was there I took this portrait of Tom's cousin George, I really like her style.

Can't wait to go back to The Marlborough Sounds!